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New Zealand and global products of hydronic systems for air conditioning and heating & IT cooling solutions from Climaveneta.

Climaveneta INTEGRA sets a new standard in the more environmentally-friendly, simultaneous generation of hot water heating and cooling by combining the functions of a traditional boiler and chiller within a single unit.
An exciting new addition has been made to the Climaveneta INTEGRA Product Range with the release of the i-NX-Q 4 Pipe Air Source Heat Pump Chiller from Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Systems S.p.A. (MEHIT).
An extension of the already successful FX Air Cooled Chiller Range, Climaveneta has once again set a new standard in Chiller Technology with the introduction of the i-FX Air-Source Chiller Range.
The Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta INTEGRA Range has been extended with the addition of the new i-FX-Q2-G05 multipurpose outdoor unit.
Utilising the more environmentally-friendly R513A refrigerant, the system simultaneously produces heating and chilled water using two completely independent hydronic circuits.
These heat pump chillers now exceed the minimum seasonal efficiency tier imposed by the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive 2009/125/EC, effective in Europe from January 1st 2021.
Mitsubishi Electric and BDT are pleased to announce an extension of the NX-G06 Air Source Chiller and Heat Pump Range from MEHITS Climaveneta.
The i-BX Hydronic Air to Water Chiller and Heat Pump Series features superior efficiency, flexible design and advanced control. The range is ideal for residential or small commercial applications.
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