Climaveneta - New 4-Pipe Air Source Heat Pump Chiller

An exciting new addition has been made to the Climaveneta INTEGRA Product Range with the release of the i-NX-Q 4 Pipe Air Source Heat Pump Chiller from Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Systems S.p.A. (MEHIT).

The First 4 Pipe Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller on the Market

The i-NX-Q is the first 4 pipe heat pump chiller with full VFD scroll compressors on the market, designed specifically to offer optimum energy efficient performance and year-round comfort.

Ranging from 45kW to 152kW capacities and boasting a seasonal efficiency class of A++, there is a system to match most small to medium-sized commercial applications.

High Efficiencies

To achieve high efficiencies, particularly at partial loads, the system uses next-generation VFD Inverter Scroll Technology which achieves 10% better efficiency at partial loads in both Cooling and Heating Mode than the current fixed speed NX-Q Integra Range.

Maximum Load Flexibility

Equipped with two independent refrigeration circuits which operate simultaneously in different modes, the i-NX-Q has the ability to precisely modulate the compressors in both circuits, regardless of the working mode. As a result, cooling and heating demand is matched with unrivalled efficiency.

Wide Operating Range

In addition to high efficiencies, this system has a wide operating range, with heating hot water production up to 60°C, and chilled water production between -10°C and 20°C for year-round utilisation.

Low Noise Levels

The next generation inverter technology used in the i-NX-Q achieves low noise levels and can be further reduced by the use of optional Night Mode and the wide range of accessories available.

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Published: Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Climaveneta - New 4-Pipe Air Source Heat Pump Chiller