The new Climaveneta NX2 Air Cooled Chiller Range extends capacities up to 921kW

Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta (MEHIT) has extended the successful NX2 Air Cooled Chiller Range.
The new NX2-G02 and NX2-G06 models now range from 40kW to 921kW and are available in R410A or low GWP refrigerant R454B.

With electronic expansion valves and variable speed condenser fans included as standard, the NX2 Air Cooled Chillers are designed to deliver high operating efficiencies with low noise, making them ideal for comfort applications. All the main hydraulic and mechanical components are integrated inside the unit, providing the ideal plug and play solution for HVAC plants.

Evaporator types

The NX2 Range of air cooled chillers is available with either brazed plate or DX shell and tube evaporators depending on size.

  • Single circuit chillers available only with brazed plate evaporators (P) from 40kW to 226kW
  • Multiple circuit chillers available with brazed plate evaporators (P) from 167kW to 367kW
  • Multiple circuit chillers available with DX shell and tube evaporators (T) from 167 to 921kW

Eurovent certification

The complete NX2 Range is Eurovent certified and all sizes are completely ErP2021 compliant.

Low noise operation for optimum quiet comfort

The NX2 Range has been designed with low operational sound levels in mind. Thanks to a specific design, the new series models are quieter when compared to the previous versions.

The optional Noise Reduction Kit (NR Kit) achieves best-in-class sound power levels while maintaining the same performance and footprint as the standard noise version. The NX2 with NR Kit is even quieter than the previous low noise versions.

High seasonal efficiencies for increased energy savings and minimised environmental impact

The new NX2 Chiller Range has been engineered for optimal seasonal efficiencies, achieving improved SEER values that are over 15% higher on some models compared to the previous range. These values could be further increased by selecting options such as the ultra-performance kit in the single circuit NX2 machines and EC fans throughout the entire range.

The NX2-G06 version uses environmentally-friendly R454B refrigerant as standard

In line with the F-gas and the Kigali Amendment objectives, the NX2-G06 features R454B refrigerant – the lowest GWP alternative to R410A.

Key features of R454B refrigerant:

  • Lowest GWP in the market for scroll units at only 467
    (-76% vs R410A, -31% vs R32)
  • Reduced refrigerant charge (-10% vs R410A)
  • Higher efficiency (+3,5% vs R410A) with little capacity reduction
  • Compatible with the same materials and components as R410A
  • Same operating map as R410A in cooling
  • Mildly flammable A2L, PED fluid group 1
  • Composition: 69% R32 + 31% R1234yf

Ideal for both new building and replacement applications with easy installation

The NX2 Range has been designed to achieve higher efficiencies at both full and part load, lower sound power levels, larger operating limits and a smaller footprint compared to previous models. As a result the NX2 Range of air cooled chillers is not only ideal for new projects but also the perfect replacement of old units in existing plants.

Furthermore the integrated hydronic modules (with optional buffer tank available) guarantee simplified installation and time-saving commissioning. The result is a ready-to-be-installed solution.

The new ranges are equipped with state-of-the-art options, such as:

  • Multi Manager with embedded LAN logics for an easy connection between a group of chillers
  • EC Fans with available static pressure up to 150Pa
  • Variable-speed hydronic modules
  • Optional Energy meter BMS or W3000 connection
  • Leak detector

Optional control technology is available for enhanced functionality:

  • Optional smart control functions such as night mode, user limit control and activation from a remote temperature probe
  • Optional KIPlink and new communication protocols (Konnex, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, M-Net)

NX2 Range – summary of key features:

  • R454B refrigerant used in the G06 Series with a GWP of 467 - the lowest-GWP alternative to R410A in this product category
  • High-end standard configuration with electronic expansion valve, variable speed fan control and condenser coil end covers
  • Very high efficiencies at both full and partial loads – Fully ErP2021 SEER compliant
  • Large operating envelope from -20°C to +52°C of outdoor air temperature, from -10°C to +20°C of evaporator leaving water temperature
  • Quiet operation in standard configuration
  • Standard plus NR Kit option is ideal for specifications offering the best-in-class sound power levels and excellent operating efficiencies
  • Range of optional accessories available including hydronic kits with pumps and buffer tanks, EC fans as well as high static option, VFD pumps, multi-manager


Due to the mild flammability of the refrigerant R454B, some restrictions must be observed during transport, storage, installation, and service activities. Please contact your local Sales Engineer for more information.

Published: Thursday, 18 February 2021

The new Climaveneta NX2 Air Cooled Chiller Range extends capacities up to 921kW