Introducing WizardX Heat Recovery Fresh Air AHU

Meet WizardX, the new Mitsubishi Electric Climaveneta Range of Fresh Air, Air Handler Units (AHUs). The most energy efficient Air Handler Unit on the market that draws stale air out and provides an equal amount of fresh air in, with the added benefit of heat recovery.

Available in seven compact sizes, the addition of the WizardX allows you to implement a complete Mitsubishi Electric HVAC solution to your commercial project without needing third party AHUs.

Fresh air is essential to occupant health and wellbeing, making the WizardX the ideal solution for commercial applications such as apartments, office buildings, hotels, theatres and schools.

The WizardX Features Enthalpy Rotary Heat Recovery

The Enthalpic Heat Recovery of the WizardX represents the most efficient recovery system available on the market with yields from 60% to 90% compared to traditional solutions.

A key component is the Enthalpy Wheel, designed with alternately flat and corrugated aluminium sheets with a hygroscopic treatment to achieve a high exchange surface in relation to the volume.

This solution makes it possible to recover both latent and sensible heat with a noticeable increase in the overall efficiency of the unit.

EC Plug Fans Guarantee Improved Energy Performance

In addition to the use of the Enthalpy Wheel, the WizardX features supply and exhaust centrifugal plug fans with integrated EC motors for a more compact construction and increased ventilation efficiency.

Thanks to the composite material structure and the electronic commutation motor technology, WizardX EC plug fans guarantee improved energy performance and very low energy consumption. As an option it is possible to install HP high pressure fans.

WizardX Can Be Combined With Mr Slim Heat Pumps for a Complete Mitsubishi Electric Solution

WizardX has been designed to work in perfect synergy with Mr Slim outdoor units for supplementary heating or cooling and without the need for any special unit configurations.

Managed by the advanced logic of the PAC-IF 013 card installed inside the electrical panel, WizardX is able to communicate simultaneously with multiple Mr Slim units in both the Mr Slim Standard and Power Inverter versions.

Equipped with an inverter compressor, the direct expansion technology within the Mr Slim outdoor unit further contributes to minimising energy consumption.

High Precision Control

Advanced control logic and technical components with a high regulation capacity, such as the EC plug fans, the Enthalpy Wheel and the direct expansion coil, allows the thermal and air renewal requirements to be achieved perfectly. The continuous and precise modulation ensures maximum comfort in the environment and minimises energy consumption.

Furthermore, BMS interfacing can be achieved using either BACnet or ModBus.

A Ready-to-Use Unit for a Quick and Simple Installation

The WizardX is delivered as a ready-to-use unit. All the control, regulation, and safety components are already installed on-board the unit and tested before despatch from the factory. This means the site installation is quick and simple with no need for third party controls.

WizardX – Summary of Key Features

  • Available in seven different compact sizes, ranging from 800L/s to 5500L/s
  • Highly efficient and compact Enthalpic Heat Recovery Rotary Wheel
  • Full plug and play controls
  • Super-efficient EC plug fans on both supply and exhaust sides
  • Supplemental heating/cooling with Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim outdoor units

Three Versions to Choose From

Select from three WizardX versions, Standard (C-OU), Enhanced (E-OU) or Boosted (B-OU), to best suit the purpose of the application. Each version varies in the number and size of Mr Slim outdoor units that can be connected, the thermoregulation system (Auto Mode or Intelligent Multiple Outdoor Unit Control), level of control and whether the unit has capacity to provide dehumidification.

Range of Optional Accessories

  • CO2 probe for air quality control
  • BMS connection with BACnet or ModBus
  • Steam humidifier section
  • Dampers for fresh air intake, supply, return and exhaust air flows
  • Recirculation damper
  • Aluminium roof for outdoor installations
  • Pre-heating and re-heating electric or hot water coils
  • HP high pressure fans available for both the supply and exhaust fans

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Published: Thursday, 18 November 2021

Introducing WizardX Heat Recovery Fresh Air AHU