Climaveneta i-BX Hydronic Air to Water Chillers and Heat Pumps - the next level in small chilled water and hot water heating efficiency

The i-BX Hydronic Air to Water Chiller and Heat Pump Series features superior efficiency, flexible design and advanced control. The range is ideal for residential or small commercial applications.

Key Features

The i-BX Air Cooled Chiller for commercial chilled water

With capacities from 4.3kW to 35.1kW, the i-BX Air Cooled Chiller comes in cooling-only for commercial applications. Featuring advanced inverter technology, these units achieve an average SEER of 4.53.

The i-BX has a large operating field, with full-load operation guaranteed between -10°C to 45°C outdoor air. Correspondingly the unit can produce chilled water with evaporator outlet temperatures from -8° to 18°C.

i-BX-N Air Sourced Heat Pumps designed for residential or small commercial use

The range offers capacities from 4.2kW to 35.1kW. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric inverter compressor technology ensures greater energy efficiencies are able to be achieved, resulting in an average SCOP LT35°C of 3.80, SCOP ML55°C of 2.95 and SEER of 4.40.

This system can produce hot water up to 60°C and is ideal for any heating terminal; perfect for residential or small commercial applications.

Packaged monobloc format for easy installation

Both the i-BX and i-BX-N models come in a packaged monobloc, ready-to-install arrangement. All hydraulic components such as the EC pump, expansion tank, safety valve, air bleed valve and flow switch are already included in the unit for simple application in any plant space.

Next-generation compressor technology for advanced efficiencies

Synonymous with Mitsubishi Electric’s quality and reliability for high performance, the i-BX Range boasts high seasonal efficiency at partial loads thanks to the modulation of the compressor with DC inverter technology. Therefore, the unit provides the exact thermal power in correspondence with the actual needs of the building and reduces energy consumption.

Variable fan speeds for greater energy savings

With the benefit of variable fan speeds, energy usage in the system is lowered. The dynamic control of the water supply temperature according to the outdoor air temperature greatly increases the comfort and energy efficiency of the system.

Furthermore, the i-BX Series features condensation control for an extended operating range.

Low-noise operation for quiet comfort

Noise levels are also decreased by modulating the fan speed and frequency of the compressor.

The compressor is also installed on rubber anti-vibration mounts and is soundproofed by special sound-absorbing material.

Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) as standard for efficient performance

The EEV enables the refrigerant flow to be optimised, effective temperature control and fast regulation which results in high efficiencies. In addition to this, the wide control capacity allows the compressors to always operate in optimal conditions and expand its operating limits.

Water pump with EC Motor for top-level performance

Featuring advanced water pump technology with an EC motor, commissioning is simplified and reduced operating costs can be realised.

NadiSystem ensures smart plant management

The i-BX Range uses NadiSystem Controls to effectively monitor the plant components. This advanced system ensures the easy integration between different heating sources based on availability, performance and costs of their use – favouring renewable sources.

The auxiliary sources are used to meet the building’s needs at low outdoor temperatures by integrating the heating capacity of the heat pump.

NadiSystem allows customised control for optimum comfort

This system also features special functions for perfect customisation such as the ability to set the water setpoint with fixed or dynamic value with the climatic curve, anti-freeze protection depending of the water temperature and outside air temperature, and weekly programming up to 6 timeslots.

In addition to this, digital input for Night Mode and the remote connectivity to BMS systems via serial card accessories is also enabled.

Ability to cascade units for maximised capacity

With the benefit of NadiSystem Cascade Control, up to four units of the same power can be connected in cascade to make up 36.5kW – 146kW capacity where the thermal requirements are high.

The configuration is managed in master / slave mode, with the master unit that takes care of processing the information and transmits it to the slave units.

For more about the i-BX Range of Air Sourced Chillers and Heat Pumps, watch the video below.

Published: Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Climaveneta i-BX Hydronic Air to Water Chillers and Heat Pumps - the next level in small chilled water and hot water heating efficiency