Ventilation and airtight building design in New Zealand

Creating a healthy living environment is important when renovating or building a new home in New Zealand – you will want the perfect indoor climate year round. In addition to efficient heating and cooling, this should include the optimum amount of circulating fresh air.

Current building regulations now demand homes to be built more airtight as they are subjected to higher insulation standards. But the option of leaving doors or windows open to allow more fresh air to enter is often not the solution from an outdoor noise or security perspective.

Lossnay is designed for today’s modern homes

The word “Lossnay” originated from the Japanese word “Loss-Nai”, meaning “No Loss”. Lossnay is a patented Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation System specifically designed for more airtight homes built to the current New Zealand Building Code.

It also complies with the Ventilation Standard NZS4303:1990 that specifically requires ventilation systems to draw fresh air from the outside and not the roof space to achieve acceptable indoor air quality.

G4 Ventilation Code relevant to home ventilation can be found here.

To learn more about the benefits of home ventilation the Auckland Regional Public Health Service has put together this informative fact sheet.

Fresh Air Home Ventilation

Ventilation and airtight building design