Common Questions

Does it require additional space heating?

Yes, however a traditional Forced Air Ventilation system provides the air from the ceiling space that in winter can be very cold, to combat this an electric heater can be installed to provide warm air. The cost of operating this electric heater can be un-economical if operating for a long period of time. An external heat source is also recommended and the Heat source should be installed to heat both the space and the incoming air. The Lossnay Energy Recovery system uses the heat that is already provided in the room to pre-heat the cold outside air. We recommend you have a Mitsubishi Electric Heat pump or space heater installed. Most Lossnay installation experts also install Heat pumps and can offer a package for both systems. To give you an example of the difference of the Lossnay heat recovery system, this diagram shows the outdoor temperature at 7°C and the Indoor air at 20°C. By using the Lossnay heat exchanger the air supplied to the room is approx 14.5°C. The heating appliance only has to heat the supplied air by approx 5.5°C where forced air ventilation would require to heat the air by 13°C, thus saving both energy and money.

Does the importation of fresh air lower CO2 levels?

Yes. CO2 is produced naturally in your home and is more commonly a subject in Schools where a high level of CO2 can reduce the effect of learning. The Lossnay system increases the levels of Oxygen and reduced CO2 by removing the stale air from the home that commonly contains high levels of CO2 and moisture.

Common questions