Indoor air quality inside a building is optimised through temperature and humidity exchange by Lossnay

Lossnay is a total heat exchange ventilation system that uses paper characteristics to perform temperature (sensible heat) and humidity (latent heat) exchange.

The need for fresh air

Poor air quality can be attributed to many problems arising in the workplace and in the home. It is believed to contribute to a significant loss in productivity, low morale and higher rates of sickness. Providing good ventilation in commercial buildings is to provide conditions under which people can work comfortably and safely.

G4 Ventilation Code

In New Zealand the G4 ventilation code requires spaces within buildings to have a means of ventilating with outdoor air. Because the Lossnay uses fresh air to ventilate your building, Lossnay meets the G4 building ventilation code that is designed to protect your health.

The need for appropriate humidity management

Viruses such as influenza are found to be active and the survival rate high in low humidity and dry environments. In general, the survival rate is said to decrease significantly when the relative humidity is 50% or more the temperature is 20°C. During the winter, keeping an appropriate humidity and heating temperature can help prevent influenza.

Low noise design

By providing a range of air volume for each fan speed, sound levels can be reduced to achieve a low noise level starting fromn from 17dB (LGH-15 to 35RVX-E) and 18dB (LGH-50 to 200RVX-E).

Advanced energy saving

Air volume can be controled by external CO2 sensor

An external CO2 sensor can be connected directly to the Lossnay RVX units allowing the fan speed to vary according to the CO2 levels detected. When the CO2 concentration is low, the unit can operate at a lower air volume which will improve total heat exchange efficiency save on energy.

Power consumption reduced further with introduction of DC motor

A high efficiency DC motor has been adopted. Compared to models with an AC motor, power consumption is reduced.

7 Day Controller

The PZ-61DR-E allows up to eight operation pattern's per day of the week, ON / OFF and air volume can be set using the weekly timer function. With a wider range of air volumes the Lossnay RVX units enable optimised ventilation not just at different times of the day, but for different days of the week as well, enabling further energy savings.

Night purge

During the summer season, the Night Purge mode draws cooler outside air into the room at night. This energy conservation mode reduces the load when the air conditioning is started up the next morning. It is possible to freely set* the night purge operation for the start conditions, air volume, and operation time and flexibly answer to the operating environment requests that vary with each customer.
* Settings can only be made using the PZ-61DR-E

Ventilation mode switching

With operation from PZ-61DR-E, it is possible to select manual switching or automatic switching between "Lossnay ventilation (with heat exchange)" and "Bypass ventilation (without heat exchange)"

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