Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation

Control Moisture & Condensation Build-up

The lack of natural ventilation due to airtight spaces can lead to the build-up of moisture-laden stale air within the home. This is the perfect breeding ground for mould that can trigger allergy or respiratory problems.

Common places for mould to grow include window sills, curtains, carpets and walls. Controlling moisture and humidity levels in the home through constant ventilation is seen as the most important step you can take to ensure your home remains healthy, drier and mould free all year round.

Lossnay effectively helps to reduce moisture from your home by constantly bringing in fresh filtered air from the outside (not attic air) and directly removing damp stale, stagnant air that causes condensation. Furthermore Lossnay not only effectively manages humidity levels for better health and well-being, it also recovers heat energy from the stale outgoing air at the same time. This is then used to pre-warm (or cool) the incoming fresh air, maximising energy efficiencies.

Watch an example of a Lossnay Ventilation System

Control moisture & condensation build-up