Minimising CO2 Levels through Balanced Pressure Fresh Air Home Ventilation

Higher CO2 levels is a common problem not only in schools but also in homes where building structures are becoming more and more air tight due to more stringent building regulations. High level of CO2 can effect concentration and learning, overall well-being and productivity.

The Lossnay Fresh Air Energy Recovery Home Ventilation System increases the levels of Oxygen and reduced CO2 by removing the stale air from the home that commonly contains high levels of CO2 and moisture and introduces fresh air from the outside. It also does not draw stagnant air from roof cavity or attic spaces as this air is likely to also have higher CO2 levels in comparison to fresh air taken directly from the outside.

To learn more about the health effects of poor air quality in the home the Auckland Regional Public Health Service has put together this fact sheet.

Fresh Air Home Ventilation

Reducing CO2 levels