Wi-Fi Lossnay Demo

With the Lossnay Wi-Fi Control App, you can see and feel the Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation difference.

Some of the features of the App include;

  • Indicative Recovery Savings (pre-warm or pre-cool)
  • Automatic Free Cooling^ Mode
  • Filter and Core Cleaning Reminders
  • Timer and Fan Settings
  • Monitor CO2 Levels*

In the below Lossnay WiFi Control App demo, you can see by how many degrees the unique Lossnay Core is able to pre-warm or cool the incoming fresh air in real-time. Because of the unique Lossnay Core, additional heating or cooling of the incoming air is reduced, maximising energy efficiencies.

  • In this example, we are using a VL500 and the outside air temperature is 12°C.
  • The colder incoming fresh air is increased by 6.4°C.
  • If the desired indoor room temperature is 19°C, the primary heat source will only need to increase the fresh air temperature by 0.6°C.

*Note: Monitor CO2 Levels is only available when an extra sensor is fitted to LGH~RVS or LGH~RVX3 Models.

The outside ‘Fresh Air’ and the inside ‘Avg Temp’ air temperatures are measured by the built-in sensors that are centrally located in the main Lossnay Ventilation unit.

^In comparison to using a dedicated cooling device. The unit will continue to use a small amount of power to bring colder fresh air from outside.