Learn how to use your Wi-Fi Control

Getting the Most From Your Lossnay Wi-Fi Control

Elevating air quality and maximising energy efficiencies has never been easier, because now the power is in your hands. Watch the video guide above, or read the quick-start guide to see the Lossnay Wi-Fi Control App in action.

  • Lossnay Wi-Fi Control shows you by how many degrees Lossnay is pre-warming or cooling your home in real‑time. This feature helps you save on your power bill because less additional heating or cooling is required to bring the fresh air introduced to your home up to an ideal temperature.
  • In summer you can monitor by how many degrees Lossnay reduces your home’s temperature, using Automatic Free Cooling^ Mode.
  • The App will also proactively remind you when it is time to clean your filters, maximising both cost‑efficient operation and health benefits.

Equipped with advanced two-way communication, the Wi-Fi Control App provides you with instant confirmation that your command has been received by your Lossnay system. This means you can be confident that your Lossnay will do exactly what you want it to. However, it will take anywhere between 1 second and 1 minute for your Lossnay to action the command.

The outside ‘Fresh Air’ and the inside ‘Avg Temp’ air temperatures are measured by the built-in sensors that are centrally located in the main Lossnay Ventilation unit.

^In comparison to using a dedicated cooling device. The unit will continue to use a small amount of power to bring colder fresh air from outside.

Everyday functions