Refrigeration Technology

Sliding Chilled Cases.

Short term food storage is now even more convenient and sophisticated. The EX and WX ranges feature the Sliding Chilled Case, perfect for neatly storing deli meats, cheeses and dairy products. The WX also features the Supercool Chilling Case, specifically designed to prolong the freshness of meats and fish.

Sliding Chilled Case

Conveniently store deli items such as deli meats, dips and dairy products. The Sliding Chilled Case keeps items neat, organised and out of the way. The standard temperature of the case is about 0°C so food is stored in a fresh and healthy environment.

Supercool Chilling Case

Ideal for storing fresh prime cuts of meats and fish, using the Supercool Chilling Case provides the ideal storage environment for up to seven days. Standard set temperature is between 0°C to 3°C however the drawer can also drop to between -3°C to 0°C in Supercool Chilling mode. This allows you to preserve meat or fish for up to seven days without freezing it. The Supercool Chilling Case also conveniently serves as an additional space for canned and bottled beverages.

Supercool Chilling is exclusive to the following models: WX range.

Sliding Chilled Case Refrigerators

Sliding Chilled Cases