Refrigeration Technology

Refrigerator Colours. Express your design personality.

Our refrigerators are specifically designed with an understanding that with open plan living, the kitchen has truly become the heart of the home. It is no longer a purely functional space, but an expression of design and personality. This is why we are proud to introduce a range with unique colours, finishes, and designs to match any kitchen.

We have a range of colours and finishes to choose from. For example our two drawer Multi Drawer Series (375L/405L) is available in black, red, white and stainless. Our EX Multi Drawer Series (562L/655L) is available in brushed steel, our WX model (743L) features a contemporary flat panel glass exterior in rich mahogany or diamond white, and our LX French Door Designer Series (630L) features a stunning glass flat panel design in black or silver.

Range of Multi Drawer Refrigerators

Refrigerator Colours