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French Door Fridges.

French Door Refrigerators are the perfect storage solution for large families. Due to its large internal width, platters and dishes can be stored with ease. Compared to side-by-side designs which have narrow shelves, French door fridges feature far more usable space. The dual refrigerator doors also provide additional in-door storage for large bottles and condiments.

All of our French door fridges feature inverter technology for greater energy savings; and what’s more the French door design allows energy efficiency to be further improved. The two door designs give you the option to only open one door at a time to retrieve items. The result of this clever design is that less cold air is lost when opening and closing doors.

Designed with frequency of use in mind, the French door design also provides easier access to commonly used items as foods are placed at waist height or above. With most items at eye-level, the design minimises the amount of bending required.

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French Door Refrigerators

French Door Fridges