Refrigeration Technology

Whisper Quiet and Energy Efficient.

The use of Neuro Inverter Technology means we range some of the most efficient and quietest refrigerators available in New Zealand. Through Neuro fuzzy logic and Inverter technology our refrigerators are able to memories your usage patterns and seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle by minimise temperature fluctuations whilst maximising energy efficiency.

Neuro Inverter

Mitsubishi Electric’s Neuro Inverter refrigerators are far more advanced than traditional fixed-speed fridges which results in greater energy savings. Traditional fridges use fixed-speed compressors – this means the compressor can be either on or off, with no in between. A fixed-speed compressor causes high temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator, and also consumes more energy when it turns on to take the fridge temperature back to a suitable level.

In comparison, Mitsubishi Electric adopts an advanced neuro inverter compressor. The compressor gradually slows or speeds up in order to maintain the optimum temperature. By smoothly topping up cold air the compressor does not have to work as hard as a traditional fixed-speed compressor, saving energy.

Mitsubishi Electric compressors also adopt advanced Neuro Fuzzy Logic Technology which allows the refrigerator to seamlessly memorise your households’ usage patterns and adjust power levels accordingly for unparalleled energy efficiency. This means it will run on minimal power overnight, for example, for more energy savings.

Whisper Quiet

Mitsubishi Electric inverter refrigerators operate at a super quiet 15dBA (EX/WX) or 26dBA (L4 range). Great for open-plan living spaces, these are some of the quietest refrigerators in the New Zealand market.

Range of Neuro Inverter Refrigerators

Energy Efficiency