Why is Home Ventilation important in New Zealand

Ventilation is important in New Zealand homes to maintain air quality and remove moisture in your home creating a healthy environment. New Zealand Home design and improvements have meant that homes are becoming more air tight and easier to heat, this in turn has increased the need for adequate ventilation.

Lossnay effectively helps to reduce moisture from your home by directly removing stale air that causes condensation via the Lossnay core. This manages both energy recovery and moisture levels. Filtering will reduce dust and make lingering food smells more manageable as fresh air is continually circulated around your home.

Bring fresh air in without draughts

The Lossnay VL220 is an advanced Heat Recovery Ventilation System that brings in filtered fresh outdoor air to replace stale indoor air. The optimum number of air changes are regulated to ensure there are no draughts, whilst minimising temperature fluctuations when additional fresh air is introduced. This is important as too many air changes will lead to dramatic drops in indoor temperature that require unnecessary additional heating.

G4 Ventilation Code

In New Zealand the G4 ventilation code requires spaces within buildings to have a means of ventilating with outdoor air. Because the Lossnay uses fresh air (not attic air) to ventilate your home, Lossnay meets the G4 building ventilation code that is designed to protect your health.

G4 Ventilation Code relevant to home ventilation can be found here.

To learn more about the benefits of home ventilation the Auckland Regional Public Health Service has put together this informative fact sheet.

Fresh Air Home Ventilation

Why is Home Ventilation important