Will Lossnay ventilation work well with your heat pump?

There is a lot of misinformation in the market about whether a ventilation system will work effectively with a heat pump as the primary heating source. Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay will. While some brands claim their systems will not work effectively with heat pumps, the Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay unit has been specifically designed and engineered to work in conjunction with a heat pump.

There are however, some important factors that need to be considered:
  1. A ventilation system will bring cooler air into your home so you will need a heating source of some sort.
    - If the ventilation system is a positive pressure system then the air being bought into the home will be cold and not pre heated, or inefficiently heated with an electric element so will require a large heating load to get the air up to your desired temperature.
    - If the ventilation system is a Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay balanced pressure "heat recovery" system then the fresh air will be pre heated so will require less of a heating load to get the room to your designed temperature.

  2. How the ventilation system recovers heat is important. Mitsubishi Lossnay uses a specially designed heat exchange core to recover a large amount of the heat getting expelled from your stale air. Not all heat recovery systems are equal!

  3. The heat pump needs to be sized correctly for the home. If the heat pump has been undersized then it will already be struggling and will most likely be costing you more to run than a correctly sized heat pump. Adding a ventilation system to an undersized heat pump could make the unit work even harder and struggle more.

So rest assured, if you have a Mitsubishi Electric correctly sized heat pump or are planning on getting a heat pump, the Lossnay home ventilation system is the right ventilation system to add into your home.

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