Introducing the i-FX Air Cooled Chiller Range with Inverter Screw Compressors from Climaveneta

An extension of the already successful FX Air Cooled Chiller Range, Climaveneta has once again set a new standard in Chiller Technology with the introduction of the i-FX Air-Source Chiller Range.

The new i-FX Range is the next level in air-source chillers featuring high efficiency inverter-driven VSD Screw Compressors and variable speed fans. This range has been specifically designed to reduce operating costs while keeping an extremely compact design.

This range comes in a variety of models and refrigerants including the i-FX G01 with R134a, i-FX G05 with R513A and the i-FX G04 with HFO1234ze.

Key features of the range include:

Total Inverter Technology

Smart Vi Variable Logic for greater energy efficiency

Greater energy efficiencies and lower operating costs are realised through the use of Smart Variable Vi Logic. The technology ensures issues like under/over-compression and high inrush current does not occur. Furthermore, it features integrated soft-start function and step-less capacity control down to 8%.

As a result, there is zero energy-waste with the system for optimum energy efficiency.

Optional built-in Variable Primary Flow (VPF) Pumps

The option of built-in VPF Pumps is available, enabling the adjustment of the pump speed for stable operation and higher energy savings.

EC Variable Speed Fans ensure reliable performance no matter the temperature

This impressive range incorporates EC Variable Speed Fans for extended operation right down to -20℃ and up to 55℃ outdoor temperatures with improved seasonal efficiency for optimum, reliable performance.

In-house designed evaporators

The i-FX Range use dry expansion type evaporators which have a single-pass shell and tube design, fully developed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems (MEHITS).

The evaporators have internally grooved copper tubes for enhanced heat exchange and feature waterside low-pressure drops for enhanced efficiency while incorporating anti-freeze technology.

Micro-channel condenser coils

Next generation full aluminium micro-channel coils are positioned on a “V” block structure to optimise airflow and heat transfer. Micro-channel coils are lighter and feature low-pressure drop for increased efficiency. As a result, a lower overall refrigerant charge is needed in the entire system.

Other key benefits include:

- Up to 30% of refrigerant charge reduction vs. traditional tube and fin coils.
- Long Life Alloy (LLA) for higher corrosion resistance and longer life cycle.
- Protective coating available for harsh industrial and marine environments (optional).

Extensive capacity range to suit any project no matter the size

Available in a range of capacities from 470kW to 1700kW, the i-FX Range is the ideal solution for most applications ranging from small retail projects to large commercial and district cooling schemes. With a fast pay-back time, this is a smart capital investment for any project no matter the size.

Reduced sound power levels at part load

Compared to fixed-speed compressors, the variable speed of the inverter compressors and fans means the system is far quieter at part load than a traditional fixed speed compressor unit.

Furthermore, all i-FX models achieve superior low noise levels with a selection of three acoustic versions to choose from. These include standard, low noise with a noise reducer kit that lowers the standard sound level by 3dBA, and super low noise which lowers the standard sound level by a further 9dBA.

The range is ideal for sound-sensitive environments like museums and theatres, hospitals or hotels.

Specific models with tailored efficiency levels to meet the most challenging needs

The i-FX Series includes specific models with tailored efficiency levels including:

K Version (EER of 2,88 and SEER up to 5,07)*
These cost-effective units give an incredible combination between cooling capacity and footprint with unmatched benefits of the variable speed technology.

K + EC Fan Version (EER of 2,90 and SEER up to 5,33)*
These units offer very high sessional efficiency with a reduced footprint that is obtained by adding EC Fans to the already high performing K Version.

A version (EER 3,16 and SEER up to 5,45)*
These units offer the highest efficiency both at full and partial loads thanks to oversized heat exchangers and EC Fans to cut energy and running costs in any load condition, even at high ambient temperatures.

*K versions apply to i-FX G01 and i-FX G05 models only, with efficiency rating based on the i-FX G01 model.

Flexible selection matching different priorities

Whether the applications’ priority is for efficient cooling that can be tailored for future demand or for a cost-effective initial investment with footprint sized considered, there is a selection to match the building’s needs.

The smart design of the units combined with the ELCAWorld Selection software allows you to always choose the right unit for every project, prioritising efficiency, additional future plant demands or reducing the initial investment and the footprint.

Three specifically designed series for a greener future

The i-FX G01
This series uses R134a refrigerant with a GWP of 1430. This is a high performing refrigerant with a non-flammable safety class of A1.

The i-FX G05
This series uses R513A refrigerant with a low GWP of 631. This is a non-flammable next-generation refrigerant with significantly reduced environmental impact.

The i-FX G04
Optimised for all-round sustainability, this series uses HFO1234ze refrigerant. Featuring a GWP of only 7 it has a nearly zero environmental impact. It is the answer to achieving outstanding performance and ensuring long-term sustainability at the same time.

The new i-FX Range sets the benchmark for those looking for a more environmentally-friendly cooling solution.

The i-FX Air Cooled Chiller Range with Inverter Screw Compressors are the futureproof solution. Accumulating Climaveneta’s 30-year experience in screw compressor chillers into a high-performance range, the i-FX Series is able to meet tomorrow’s environmental challenges, today.

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Published: Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Introducing the i-FX Air Cooled Chiller Range with Inverter Screw Compressors from Climaveneta