244 – 255 Cameron Road

Located in Central Tauranga, 244- 255 Cameron Road also known as the ANZ Building is a large architecturally designed office building. The building remains one of the largest City Multi installations undertaken in Tauranga.

The Challenge

To provide an efficient heating and air-conditioning solution for a large building with a range of tenants and tight ceiling spaces.

The Solution

244- 255 Cameron Road is occupied by a wide variety of tenants from the ANZ Call Centre, to offices and even a café. All of which have their own heating and cooling requirements, often at the same time.

From the outset it was clear that using City Multi R2 Heat Recovery condensers was the most suitable solution to satisfying the often differing simultaneous heating/ cooling requirements of each of the tenancies. These outdoor units were selected in conjunction with PEFY-VMA-E mid-static ducted indoor units. These mid static ducted units proved to be the perfect application for the ANZ Building as they were slim enough to fit into the tight ceiling spaces, and they are able to be used with long duct runs. For example all PEFY-VMA-E units have a height of only 250mm and five stage external static pressure settings provide flexibility for duct extensions.

Finally to ensure optimum control across all systems and across the outdoor air tempering equipment in the building, six AG-150 central controllers were installed across each of the tenancies along with DIDO and PI modules.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 1010 kW

Cooling Capacity: 901 kW

Outdoor Units

22 x PURY-YJM-A-BS Heat Recovery Units
3 x PUHY-YJM-A-BS Heat Pump Units

Indoor Units

123 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Units

Air Handler Units

3 x PAC-AH400M-J AHU Controller Unit

Wall Controllers

112 x PAC-YT51CRB-J Remote Controls
85 x PAC-SE41TS-E Remote Sensors

Central Controllers

6 x AG-150A Central Controllers
1 x TG2000 PC
6 x PAC-YG66DCA-J DIDO Modules
2 x PAC-YG60MCA PI Modules



Published: Thursday, 19 November 2015

244 – 255 Cameron Road