Mountaineer Building Complex

The Mountaineer is a retail complex building know under this name since 1885.

The Challenge

The existing building on the site was a protected historic building. It was therefore a requirement that the front façade was to remain, and the rest of the building was designed to accommodate this.

The developer had originally hoped to use water sourced condensers to minimise plant space requirements. However, unfortunately the low lying water table of the nearby lake caused huge issues at the time of construction and soaked up a lot of time and money.

Being a retail complex housing a lot of individual retail spaces, it also meant that control had to be thought out carefully and limited to certain areas.

The Solution

The developer eventually had to choose air sourced condensers as an alternative to water. These were placed on the roof of the building. While not being able to use the water sourced units was a disappointment, the air sourced units are doing a great job.

The Mountaineer had two central control systems installed which communicate back to a TG2000A for proportioning the power to each tenant. There is also a BACnet interface computer to the main building BMS.

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 340 kW
Cooling Capacity: 303 kW

Outdoor Units

6 x PURY-YJM-A R2 Series Heat Recovery Units

Indoor Units

10 x PLFY-VCM-E 4 Way Cassettes
22 x PLFY-VBM-E 4 Way Cassettes
1 x PKFY-P63VFM-E Hi Wall Unit
27 x PFFY-VKM-E Compact Floor Mounted Units


2 x PEFY-P250VMH-E-F Full Fresh Air Ducted Units

Wall Controllers

27 x PAR-21MAA

Central Controller

2 x PAC-YG60MCA PI Modules
2 x G50A Central Controller
1 x TG2000 PC



Mountaineer Building Complex