Röhlig Logistics Auckland

The brand new 7000sqm warehouse and office facility for international freight forwarding specialist Röhlig Logistics can be found in Stage 2 of The Landing Business Park at Auckland Airport.

The Challenge

To provide a flexible VRF solution which would also allow for the option of future expansionary indoor units, if the building layout needed to be altered down the track by the client.

The Mitsubishi Electric Solution

Röhlig Logistics is a rapidly growing freight forwarding company in New Zealand, and this growth is expected to continue over the coming years. Taking this into consideration, a City Multi R2 Heat Recovery System with excess diversity and spare Branch Controller ports was selected for the air-conditioning requirements of the building.

One City Multi heat recovery system was installed into the new Röhlig Logistics office and warehouse building. This system was designed at only 112% diversity, and with a four-port slave Branch Controller (BC) with all four ports free for any potential indoor units that the client would like to add at a future date. Subsequently during the install phase of this project one small extra one-way cassette was added to the slave BC of this system, so this early design decision did prove to pay dividend. All indoor units (including the extra added unit) were then able to be easily wired into the M-Net to be centrally controlled via an AE-200E Central Controller, equipped with a DIDO Interface to also control selected external equipment.

This project is a great example of the flexibility of City Multi VRF equipment. From base build to future fit-out designs City Multi can be designed to accommodate for this, which is very important in an ever changing, and ever growing world.

Equipment Breakdown

Total Capacity

Heating Capacity: 145.6 kW
Cooling Capacity: 131.3 kW

Outdoor Units

2 x PURY-P350YLM-A-BS Heat Recovery Units

Indoor Units

9 x PEFY-VMA-E Ducted Unit

5 x PLFY-VFM-E Compact Cassette Units

3 x PMFY-VBM-E 1-Way Cassette Units

Wall Controllers

17 x PAC-YT52CRA-K Wall Controllers

6 x PAC-YT52CRA-K Wall Controllers

Split Systems

1 x MSZ-GE60VAD High Wall Split System

3 x PEAD-RP71JAA-S Ducted Split Systems

3 x PEAD-RP100JAA Ducted Split Systems

Central Controller

1 x AE-200E Central Controller

1 x PAC-YG66DCA-J DIDO Interface




Published: Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Röhlig Logistics Auckland